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AJT Engineering, Inc. (AJT), and their key personnel have designed, developed, and modified launch pads, spacecraft processing facilities, support complexes and infrastructure for NASA, the Air Force and Navy, as well as major prime contractors.  During this growth period, we required in-house IT support.  This support was critical to us and spun off to a new business group, supporting customers such as the USDA, municipalities, and prime aerospace contractors. AJT has had diverse experience in designing and installing communications systems in various Air Force and NASA facilities at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center.


Since 1998 we have designed in excess of a dozen and a half ATCTs, design/built five towers and cabs, and been involved in numerous studies and preliminary designs as well as installed, repaired, and maintained ATCT equipment. This experience includes installing General Dynamics and Technisonics radios, radar-weather equipment, and various switches, including Zetron, Denro, and Harris/Solacom systems.  An authorized Harris/SolaCom ATC Technologies distributor, we feature Harris/Solacom’s highly reliable Liberty-STAR touch screen controlled switching system.


AJT has been successful in providing high-quality, low-cost designs for Level I airport traffic control tower projects throughout the United States and the Bahamas.  AJT’s design criteria are derived from FAA guidelines for airport traffic control towers (FAA Order 6480.7C and related documents).  AJT applies the essential requirements for safety, security, function and ergonomic design, implements them in a set of detailed construction documents resulting in the look and feel of a FAA facility.  AJT’s project manager and multi-disciplined staff support their design with bidding and construction phase services, including project administration, shop drawings review, periodic site visits or full-time observation, and as-built record drawings.



Design-Construction-Procurement-Installation and Commissioning

Air Traffic Control Towers (ATCTs) and Ancillary Equipment



Control Tower Services:

AJT Planning Services

  - Feasibility & Site Selection Studies, SRMD

  - Evaluation of Existing Structures

  - Shadow Study

  - FAA 7460 Airspace Study

  - FCC Frequency Approval

  - Budgetary Cost Estimates


AJT Design & Construction Services

  - Design/Build or Design/Bid

  - Communications/Weather Equipment

  - Airport Facilities

  - Airfield Lighting Controls

  - Utilities, Access Road & Parking

  - Complete Construction Management