AJT Engineering Inc.

Air Traffic Control Towers

Air Traffic Control Towers

Quality Design/Cost to Budget
AJT Engineering Inc. emphasizes sound construction, quality of materials and workmanship, and functional capability in its Air Traffic Control Towers (ATCT).  FAA standards and spatial relationships are the goals.  A facility that is tailored to the airport's needs and budget is delivered.

     * Simple Functional Design - Achieved through the involvement of airport personnel,
        tower operators, experienced staff, and associates in the industry.
     * Aesthetics - Intended to result in the look and feel of a FAA facility while remaining
        sensitive to local factors.
     * Practicality - Control towers do not have to be expensive.  AJT Engineering has
        found ways to provide conventional workspace and equipment that incorporates 
     * Safety - Compliance with FAA line-of-sight criteria, equipment requirements,
        FFPA, and local code enforcement.

AJT Engineering Inc. members are experienced in design, construction and equipment installation.  These skills provide a tower that is constructible, comfortable, and affordable with a focus on GA airports.

AJT Engineering also experienced with the local and federal agencies, which will ensure smooth approval and delivery.

Expertise in:

- Sight Analysis
- Design
- Renovation
- Equipment (Design and Install)
- Construction Support
- Hands on Construction
- FAA Coordination
- ATCT Planning
- B/C Analysis and Other Aviation Facilities Design

In 1992, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) began increasing the conversion of Level I tower staffing to contract status and boosted funding to encourage the transition.  AJT Engineering is also making it easier for airports to acquire Level I control towers, because we make it more affordable.

AJT Engineering Inc. forms an extremely strong review team to insure that the facility will be what your airport needs.  Our multi-disciplined staff has a proven track record with control towers from four to eight stories.  We will take the time and effort to provide you with a facility that will satisfy the requirement to enter or remain in the Federal Contract Tower Program.

You will receive a quality facility that your community can be proud of, and one that will enhance the safety and efficiency of your airport traffic for a reasonable cost