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AJT provided A-E design services as a subcontractor to Airport Engineering Company at Orlando-Melbourne International Airport for improvements to the departure lounge, food service area, and security check point expansion.  These project consisted of the following:


Personnel Corridor - A new access controlled corridor was designed with a card-controller at both ends, using the existing control system, to limit its use to badged employees.  Finishes blend in with the existing building, and the construction was sequenced to maintain security and to minimize disruption to airport operations.   The project included installation of a new insulated, aluminum jacket, chilled water piping, including compression tank, air separator, two chilled water pumps, and all associated piping, new sprinkler heads, and chilled water fan coils to provide air conditioning.


Seating Areas/Ramp and Wall Modifications - The renovation and re-configuration of the passenger seating areas, included modifications to access ramps, floors and walls.  The area is approximately 11,000 square feet.  The project included demolition of floor areas and walls, a new floor plan and ceiling (lighting) plan, relocation of an emergency exit door, and complete finish selections, color boards, furnishings, and booth designs.  New seating features include a TV and flight monitors lounge, booths with Internet access, and other new seating areas.   The HVAC ductwork and sprinkler heads were reconfigured and modified.


The design provided wiring of new lighting, approximately 260 fixtures, including wall sconces, pendant type up lights, up/down pendant lights and floor fixtures, power relocations and new power for audio visual, and security.


Food Court and Passenger Waiting Area - AJT provided cost estimates, construction plans and specifications, contract administration and construction management support.  The existing serving area, was rearranged into a food court area with food and beverage stations around the perimeter.   Accented lighting design over all areas has been provided.  Structural design and details to support kitchen equipment, particularly a large exhaust hood, has been provided.  The project included demolition of floor areas and walls, a new floor plan and ceiling (lighting) plan, and complete finish selections, kitchen equipment selections, color boards, and designs of stations, check-out and cabinetry.   Design included power for new grill and serving line and new serving line lighting, including flexible track lights, accent lighting on grill, and pendant lights.


Security Checkpoint - The renovation included access ramps, electrical and mechanical modifications to facilitate installation of TSA security screening equipment.  AJT assisted in the planning and coordination of the phasing of this project, allowing a seamless transition of food services, security and passenger flow during construction.   We worked closely with the Melbourne Airport police, TSA and airport staff to carefully schedule the construction and ongoing airport activities.  Cost: $2.5M





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