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Grand Bahamas International Airport

ATCT Communications Equipment & Tower Design Review

Freeport, Grand Bahama



Construction Complete: October 2006

Equipment Install and Commissioned: October 2006

Type Project :  Design/Build and Equipment Installation


Scope of Services:  Design and construct pre-engineered Airport Traffic Control Tower Cab.  Design/coordinate/ ship/integrate the pre-engineered structure to the base facility.  Install radio, switch, weather and flight planning equipment and systems.


Deliverables:  AJT Engineering, Inc. was selected to design/build a pre-engineered cab structure to be incorporated onto the cast-in-place tower structure.  This cab will allow personnel to control airspace, ground, approach, and departure at the international airport.


• Custom Control Console for integration of the Solacom Voice Switch to be used by controllers

• Integration and coordination of TRACON, remote WX and flight planning position

• Tailored Flight Planning system with FDIO

• Fully outfitted, shipped to the Bahamas on a “Low Boy” tractor-trailer, ocean freighter and installed on-site

• Modular design allows transport on U.S. highways

• Slim Line HVAC

• 150 MPH wind loading