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Mesquite Metro Airport

ATCT Siting Study and Design

Mesquite, Texas

Construction Complete: September 2013

AJT has provided the Safety Risk Management Documents and design drawings and specifications to construct this new ATCT at this General Aviation Airport located 30 minutes east of Dallas, TX.  AJT worked closely with the FAA, Airport Sponsor and TxDot Aviation division to develop scope, budget and requirements from the project inception to the commissioning of the project.


AJT was instrumental in assisting several airport managers in pushing the FAA to review their requirements for the safety setback requirements.  During this project study period, the FAA relaxed the requirements allowing us to site the tower in the most favored location.  Prior to this decision, the FAA awarded a grant to the airport to study the blast effects of an attack at various distances.  AJT coordinated this study and investigated approaches to harden the building and allow shorter setback distances as originally required by the FAA Security Order 1600. AJT provided construction support including on site inspections, construction draws, and submittal reviews, as well as the design and bid package for communications equipment.


The 7 story, 68'-3" (cab floor height) design includes has 5 finished levels including the cab and 2 unfinished levels for future use. The Tower has unique features to include incorporation of the new IBC large elevator, wet sprinkler and FM 200 fire extinguishing systems, equipment level directly below the cab, shortened lightning protection and rotated site to conform to ILS interference issues.