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FAA Safety Risk Management

The following are excerpts from the FAA Safety Management System Summit presentation:

- “Changes to the NAS” require that you perform SRM to either:

    • Explain why there are no hazards via an SRM Decision Memo (SRMDM)

    • Assess and accept acceptable risk via an SRM Document (SRMD).


- Changes made at airports most likely will impact Air Traffic operations and procedures:

    • Runway Extensions

    • Building Construction

    • Taxiway Changes or Additions


- Changes need to be identified up front and early and assessed in the design early to ensure proper mitigations are in place.


- Air Traffic and Airports must utilize a systems engineering approach to integrate processes to ensure consistency, communication, and effectiveness of potential changes and related safety requirements. (SRMD)


- Airfield construction changes may impact Air Traffic procedures and operations.

…may trigger the need to conduct SRM assessments

   • SRM must be considered in the early stages of project planning and decision making.

   • Late changes to the project are more expensive to make.

   • Changes to the project after the environmental review is conducted are difficult to implement.


- The 7460 process does not meet SMS requirements.


- SRM on impacted procedures must be conducted as the airfield concept is conceived.


- SRM must be part of the Master Planning Process.

AJT Engineering is a FAA Certified SRM/SMS Practitioner.


AJT Engineering SRMDs completed include ATCT siting and design at the Collin County Regional, Greenwood Leflore, TSTC Waco, Mesquite, Stinson, Hammond and Hernando County Airports, all using the Alternate Method.  The SRMD for Mesquite TX included Blast Analysis for FAA Security Order 1600.



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